At Klima Sorrell Insurance Group, we’re proud to offer complete employee management, including employee wage services. Our agency will provide you with access to the newest technology and tools to manage employee work hours and paychecks. Our services include:

  • Online access
  • total employees salary syncing (including deduction audits and recovery)
  • Online time clock management
  • Tools for online benefit enrollment
  • Support for monthly bill audits and reconciliation

In addition, we offer a range of other employee management services. Take a look at the extent of our resources.

Employee Portal

Our employee self-service portal is a convenient, user-friendly, secure resource for your staff. It allows them to view their personal data as well as make necessary changes. The portal offers the following functions:

  • View pay stubs
  • View balance for paid time off and extended illness bank
  • Update their addresses
  • Update direct deposit details