Workman’s Comp

At Klima Sorrell Insurance Group, we’re proud to offer complete employee management, including employee wage services. Our agency will provide you with access to the newest technology and tools to manage employee work hours and paychecks. Our services include:

  • Online access
  • total employees salary syncing (including deduction audits and recovery)
  • Online time clock management
  • Tools for online benefit enrollment
  • Support for monthly bill audits and reconciliation

In addition, we offer a range of other employee management services. Take a look at the extent of our resources.

Workman’s Comp

Regardless of your profession, there’s always a risk of employee injury. It’s essential to have a comprehensive workers’ compensation package. Klima Sorrell Insurance Group offers a 5% discount at the start of our program, which includes:

  • Monthly pay-as-you-go premiums with no down payment.
  • First-year dividend that is not tied to losses
  • Year-end audit assistance
  • Payouts after the final payroll audit
  • Human Resources Access

We will help you to deliver quality care to your patients while maintaining their safety, by helping your employee managers to schedule the right staff at the right time. Our HR services make it easy to track staff training, certification and licensing. We create and distribute relevant training and courses of study to ensure that your employees remain up to date on the medical policies and laws that affect their jobs.

Link to Workman;s Comp Application (either online form or fill-able PDF forms)